Depression Era Furniture - Starting to fill the Market

  Depression era furniture was built during a time where costs were very important lots of Veneers were used and bleach's, stains  and fillers . Styles were copied from the 17th ,18th, 19th centuries.  People did not have a lot of money to spend but wanted their homes to look good.

 Popular during this period of time were china and curio cabinets, vanities and dressing tables and small accent tables.

Condition is important today  fancy inlays and veneers in excellent condition of course have higher prices than items not in good  shape. Veneers can peel up and are very hard to fix  even professional restorers are limited.  Stay away from  peeling surfaces even if the pieces are cheap  unless you want to put a new top on the piece or up-cycle it .

 The market is starting to  fill with this type of furniture with estate sales  so if you are lucky to find a piece in great shape and a good price buy it. You can always use this furniture in spare bedrooms etc. 

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