Dark Shadows and why i had the crap scared out of me everyday at 4..

 Well friends we are still remembering shows from the 60's and dark shadows was a gothic soap Opera that was on the air from 6-27-1966 to 4-2-1971 The show was about the Collings family in Collings port Maine.

 Well the family tree includes Barnabas Collins a vampire that comes back to life from the 1700's to scare the good people of Collings port. He even was  drinking the blood of his relatives especially women..

 This show was a cross between Dracula, Werewolf and mad scientist and witch Horror film all in one 30 minute program with spooky haunting music to match.  Lol I was sleep with my head covered up for years when I slept to protect me from the vampire...

 Their was a doctor who was trying to cure his weird blood problem and would get him blood from the blood bank so he would not kill people.. The sixties was a weird time folks and this was a children's show believe it or not.

Well if you watch this program now the special effects are so funny you laugh at the bats flying in on wires  before the vampire shows up. The show was first filmed in black and white and then color yes your friend Nora is that old..

Of course comic books and trading cards were marketed to the kids who watched the program.

 Lots of tragic men and women in this program from women jumping off a cliff to a witch putting a curse on poor Barnabas because he loved another woman and not the witch. This is what turned him into a vampire if I remember correctly a lot of the plots  were strange but fun.

 Check it out sometime if you are bored .. have a great day I am going to be going to a lot of yard sales today.. follow us on goggle+ and like our blog.. Nora 


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