Captian Emilio Caranza and the Carranza Memorial

 Well friends sometimes husband and I go on adventures deep in the pines looking for the forgotten places and memorials that not to many people know about. Warm day in South Jersey we ventured out  and I mean way out into the pines .

 Their is a memorial that we had heard about was not sure where since we are new to the area we now live surprised we found this place...  Captain  Emilio Carranza Rodriquez was born in Mexico on 12-09-1905. He was a national hero of Mexico on the lines of Lindbergh in the United states. He was at a honoring in New York city and was telegraphed to return to Mexico There were thunderstorms in the area  and was urged by Lindbergh himself to stay another night.

 On July 12, .1928 he took off at night from New York city and flying over the pinelands crashed in the woods. The next day a family from the area found his body and plane and while they were picking blue berries. I am guessing they were wild blueberries .  His body was taken to a garage behind a general store . The military investigated the crazy and found he was trying to land.  The memorial is in a clearing a am wondering if it was cleared or was it like that not sure.

 The memorial was funded by Mexico school children saving their money and  has a Aztec Eagle on it. Every year they have a remembrance of the man there the second week in July and we will have to check it out and update you..

 thanks for reading this and may Captain Rodriquez rest in peace...  Nora



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