Antiques hold the history of average people in their souls..

 Now this may sound odd but have you ever wondered about how many people have used the antiques you have purchased or saw at antique and flea markets through out the world. What part of history did the pieces play a part in?

 What famous person drank from a china cup or had tea or coffee served on say the above tray.  Who used the dresser you love in the antique mall.  Some people believe that items can even hold people's spirits not sure about that myself but who knows.  Antiques hold history in their very surfaces.

 If you have visited the many museums all over the world it does give us all a thrill to think  people we have studied and read about maybe used that item.  My favorite museum visit was the tut exhibit   that was on tour in 2007.  Having studied ancient Egypt  and the Amara period for a long time it was just amazing .

 Well any visit to a museum no matter where or for what teaches us about long ago and how we are not that different in thoughts and things we do .  The items displayed do hold history in their surfaces and one might even say their souls.

 Have a blessed day on Friday no matter what your beliefs are.  Please share our blog with friends and family we need as many likes as possible and shares, shop at pine cat 15 for gifts for the whole family.



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