Andy Warhol and my commercial art experiences.

 I could write a lot of things about this amazing man he was born august 6th 1928 and we lost him February 22, 1987. Sadly he died suddenly of a respiratory illness , he only lived for 58 years . The 70's were a time when nothing much was happening in art  with the rise of Disco and studio 54  he would hang out their with the rich and famous.

 I remember commercial art class and learning to silk screen signs and he was always someone who we all wanted to pattern our work after.  Pop art was a big thing of course another artist Peter Max also influenced the art world.  Hand lettering and hand blocking out your silk screens are a thing of  the past now but back then it was a lot of work and you would get very dirty..

 Pop art is advertising and things from mass culture  that why he did the soup cans and popular stars of  music and films.

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