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Dark Shadows and why i had the crap scared out of me everyday at 4..

Well friends we are still remembering shows from the 60's and dark shadows was a gothic soap Opera that was on the air from 6-27-1966 to 4-2-1971 The show was about the Collings family in Collings port Maine.

 Well the family tree includes Barnabas Collins a vampire that comes back to life from the 1700's to scare the good people of Collings port. He even was  drinking the blood of his relatives especially women..

 This show was a cross between Dracula, Werewolf and mad scientist and witch Horror film all in one 30 minute program with spooky haunting music to match.  Lol I was sleep with my head covered up for years when I slept to protect me from the vampire...

 Their was a doctor who was trying to cure his weird blood problem and would get him blood from the blood bank so he would not kill people.. The sixties was a weird time folks and this was a children's show believe it or not.

Well if you watch this program now the special effects are so funny you laugh at the bat…

Popular games and toys of the 60's ,, along with movies and tv shows

Well since you probably guessed I am a kid from the 60's thought I would share some of the games and toys and tv and movies of that time.

Speed Racer was odd not a favorite but a lot of people liked it.

 Batman was a cartoon too and tv program.  This was a campy show like so many programs of the 60's.

 Mary Poppins of course a  fun movie . just think of a early Harry potter type movie. But you are never quite sure who are what she really is..

Gumby was popular he even had a show where they were clay figures that move.

 Barbie of course born in 1959 she was very popular in the 60's  and had many friends including one I had called Stacie.

 Behold the Stacie doll  I loved this doll because back then she had the same color hair as mine.

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The art Of Decopage and history of crafts.. it might suprise you?

Well friends you know or you should know I like history and all things art related.  I was surprised to find the deeper roots of something we all have probably done some time in our life even if it was just something you did in grade school.
Decoupage is from the French word decouper- meaning to cute something.  The beginning of this art is said to have started in east Siberian tombs and was seen in china in the 12th century,
 When this art started to be seen in Italy around  the 17th century things started to get ornate ,especially in the city of Florence they added gold leaf , cowed wood designs and tooled leather book covers.  The earlier themes were religious depiction's . In the early 20th century they wanted to appeal to non-Catholic tourists so they changed to renaissance art.

 Of course this type of item is  considered to be a antique and collectable, The photos of the screens above are of Victorian.
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Historical paintings of South Jersey

I do other art besides computer and photos. I do love to paint on canvas and I love doing buildings and landscapes . This is a homestead in cherry hill called Barclay.

Some of my landscape and historical building work.

  I also do a lot of painted boxes some are recycled from flea markets and thrift stores and some are new.

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Martini shakers, glasses and a Road trip to the beautiful city ofPemberton New Jersey..

Husband and I went on a trip to the very historical town of Pemberton  New Jersey to a Antique center's yard sale. Lots of interesting finds I found the martini shaker  I needed and glasses great price too.. Did  not make it into the lovely Grist mill Antique center which has over a 100 dealers showcasing their items.

 Next time I will check this interesting store out. If you love antiques and live in new jersey they are worth checking out. I wanted to get home our beloved pine cat wasn't feeling well believe it or not he has allergies he is doing better but think he might have to go to the vet just in case.

 Now to the history of the area in 1693 the Budd family was deeded lands in west jersey called Hampton Hanover . David Budd in 1740 formed a mills company with two forges and fulling mill and of course grist mill.

 If you know anything about south jersey it was filled with grist mills and forges  back when our country was young.   I have heard quite a lot about the Ranc…

Harrisville and the fire that destroyed it.

As I have mentioned before friends new jersey has a lot of forgotten towns with ruins from long ago. Harrisville was  quite the small city deep on the pines but unfortunately in the early 1900's it was destroyed by fire

 If you know anything about sandy soil and the pines they dry out quickly even if it rains for a week . That is what causes the many forgotten towns to be destroyed are almost destroyed by fire. The town of Batsto had several  historical cabins destroyed by fire .

 In modern times the pines still have the problem with fires even with all our modern fire fighting techniques.  I can imagine the early settlers of this area  had a lot to deal with just trying to stay alive and fires were number one on the list in the pines.

 Fire is still damaging historical buildings even today some ruins above are from the 2006 pinelands fire that ruined parts of Atison Mansion barn and outer buildings.

 Hopefully we will not lose all the towns and buildings that are left and the…

Value Time..and recycle old wood

Just a rundown house in the middle of no where right? Have you ever wondered as you speed by this type of home  what happened there? How many people lived there?  What secrets  did the house hold?  I was not able to get the to other side of the home in the picture but it is caving in .  Hopefully when this place is taken down the wood will go somewhere to be recycled.
The windows and posts can be used again even if only for decorations for other homes.. I  see the beauty in this type of home just in the fact that the pieces can be re-used and even though it was  run -down it was the a home once.
 May we all  take care of the earth re-use and recycle as much as we can. Have a great Saturday friends Happy Earth Day, Nora follow us on goggle + we need friends ...

Rookwood pottery first female owned art pottery..

Rookwood pottery a name a lot of us probably don't know but you should if you love art and antiques and beautiful things. A few years back I wrote a paper on this company when I got my antique appraiser Certification.   Surfing the internet looking for a pottery to write about Maria Longworth appeared on my computer screen.
 Maria started her pottery in 1876  and hired artists and other creative types to make her art pottery.  She was so inspired by the centennial that was held in Philadelphia where artists from all over the world showed their work.
 She did lead her company in a few short years  to great success and they  showed their work in Paris during the world's fair.. They did have a hard time during the depression and started making plain pieces of pottery that were less expensive and the company was closed for a while but is now back and better than ever.

 Somethings to look for the company has a sun like logo on the bottom of it's vases

  This is a great comp…

Dirty Martinis , and my love for olives ...

Hello friends,

The secret is out I love olives and have not tried a dirty Martini yet.. I am suppose to have a dear friend come over and show me how..  Now I will share a recipe I found.

          Dirty Martinis- 1.5 oz. vodka and 1 oz. olive brine (the juice in the bottle of olives) yummy I have been known to drink the juice as a kid... shake in a shaker pour into glass and add a blue cheese olive..... enjoy....

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Captian Emilio Caranza and the Carranza Memorial

Well friends sometimes husband and I go on adventures deep in the pines looking for the forgotten places and memorials that not to many people know about. Warm day in South Jersey we ventured out  and I mean way out into the pines .

 Their is a memorial that we had heard about was not sure where since we are new to the area we now live surprised we found this place...  Captain  Emilio Carranza Rodriquez was born in Mexico on 12-09-1905. He was a national hero of Mexico on the lines of Lindbergh in the United states. He was at a honoring in New York city and was telegraphed to return to Mexico There were thunderstorms in the area  and was urged by Lindbergh himself to stay another night.
 On July 12, .1928 he took off at night from New York city and flying over the pinelands crashed in the woods. The next day a family from the area found his body and plane and while they were picking blue berries. I am guessing they were wild blueberries .  His body was taken to a garage behind a gen…

Mary Cassatt impressionist artist

Mary was born on May 22, 1844 in Allegheny city in Pennsylvania . If you have every traveled to the Philadelphia museum of art they have a room devoted to her paintings. She has a special place in the hearts of many locals as she was a important artist in the impressionist movement in Paris during the late 1800's.

 She made the move to Paris in 1866 and her father certainly was not happy about that can you imagine a woman alone traveling during the civil war time period.  I certainly could understand his concerns with  the battle of Gettysburg fought near the area where they lived only 3 years before.

Mary had enrolled in the Pennsylvania academy of the fine arts but found the teaching to slow for liking and went to Paris to study the old masters.    She returned  in 1868 because of the Franco Persian war  and had to make money from selling her work to return because her father would not fund her trips are even buy paint for her. He did not want her to be a artist according to…