Why art Matters.

 Today I just thought I would write about why I paint and draw and do a lot of creative things.  Art education does matter in everyday life because it helps people think outside the box.  Many of our most important artists also invented useful items for everyday life. If you have ever  read anything about Michelangelo he had many notebooks full of inventions.

 One important artist who I didn't even know was a artist is Samuel F.B Morse. He evented yes the code of course and the telegraph. According to history he really wanted to be known in the art world and worked on a painting of the inside of the Louvre in Paris. He spend 3 years on the painting and thought it would be his ticket to fame and fortune.

 With out this artist thinking and wondering about things and experimenting we would never had  a important element of communications in the early 19th century.

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