What should a person collect?

 Well folks been doing some research about this topic of what should I collect? If you are like me I love visiting yard sales, estate sales, flea markets looking for the interesting things that I like .

 Surprised to find out that buttons were the number one thing to collect. Well before you go and raid grand mom's sewing box let me  give you some pointers what to look for.

 Celluloid was the very first plastic but was not always synthetic.  A British chemist Alexander added cellulose which is made from plants actually wood  and cotton to the mixture. This type of button was very popular in the late 1900's and 1920's.  They come in all shapes and sizes and can be opaque and transparent.  They can have metal on the back and were made to look like wood and ivory.

 This type of button was popular till the 1940's. to identify a celluloid button you can run it under hot water and see if it smells like mothballs or Vicks vapor..   some sites I have been reading state you should not clean your buttons in water so if you have some items you are not sure of I would do a little research on line instead of getting them wet.  Try and find examples of the button you think you might have..

 You might have heard of Bakelite jewelry and even radios,  but did you know  they made buttons too?  This type of button is highly sought after.  Clear Bakelite probably will   have turned yellow and are called  apple juice Bakelite and opaque buttons are called corn Bakelite.  You can run hot water on this type of button and it is suppose to smell sweet.

Just some more basic facts about buttons you want to collect buttons before 1918,  what were they used for? place of manufacture. You can find buttons look for them a estate sales eBay of course flea markets and yard sales... A lot of people will just ignore this  as part of grandma's  stuff but if you think about history people re-used things over and over when they had to make their own clothes So you never know what you might find.. .

 Their are lots more buttons to go over including historical stuff etc..  Look for more articles in the feature about this subject. Please share my blog and follow me on goggle +.   I have other social media sites you can follow .. Let me know if you are interested . Have a great day Nora


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