Ukrainian Easter Eggs and what the traditional colors mean.

 The Easter and Passover holidays are coming up and I wanted to share a few traditions from around the world.  A Pysanka  is a Ukrainian Easter egg  they are decorated with Ukraine Folk art designs using the resist wax method. The wax the use is bee's wax melted over a candle.  You have a small cone shaped copper piece mounted on a wooden stick. I have tried this myself and enjoyed it but I really needed to practice it.

As you can see they are very beautiful when done .  The beauty of the simple designs are amazing of course you do a lot of dipping in color and letting them dry but it is such a wonderful look.

 Would love to find a artisan who still does this type of work and learn from them with out having to
go to the Ukraine.     I did find some information about the color meaning of the eggs. 1.Red means life giving blood.2 Black other world 3. Yellow moon, sun and stars. 4. blue ,  Blue skies or air, good health 5.brown, earth 6. White , purity, birth , light. 7. Green, color of spring

 Hope you enjoyed this piece on a beautiful folk art , follow us on goggle+ and like our blog.. shop pine cat 15 on zazzle .com   it's raining here in new jersey have a great day or nite  , Nora


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