The art of Make-up in the ancient world

  Yesterday we talked about how art is more than just painting and drawing and can lead to many different types of things for everyday use.  The art of make-up goes back to one of my favorite time periods in history Ancient Egypt.

 The Egyptians used a lot of  potions and lotions for making themselves beautiful . Kohl of course was used for the eyes and it thought it helped protect them from bugs and the bright sun.

This picture is a holder for Kohl . This make-up  is made of staminate charcoal . Castor oil Beeswax , olive oil rose water were some of the ingredients they used in potions and lotions.  Chewing frankincense and licorice root helped them with bad breath. 

The art of beauty of course can produce practical items for everyday use . As you can see in my lists of elements they are still used in make-up today..

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