Stafford china dogs were not just King Charles Spaniels.

A favorite mantel decoration of fireplaces in the 19th. century the king Charles spaniel was a favorite of British monarchs.  They of course were made in Stafford and were a symbol of money for upper -middle class in the British isles .

 These pieces were produced in 1720's  and enjoyed popular status through out Victorian England . After the 1920's people lost interest in them.

I  was surprised to learn many other type of dogs were also produced in pairs pugs, afghans, greyhounds , collies and poodles were also sold in pairs. The spaniels always had the a collar and chain on them some were painted some wore gold chains.

 Just thought I would include what to look for when you are going to yard sales flea markets etc.
 I actually found a dog in the trash  with a broken tail I still wonder if he would have been worth anything and if he was rare it was only one.  Not sure check it out before you trash it.

Some other examples of fire place dogs

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