Renoir started career in China Painting?

 Pierre Auguste Renoir was born on February 25, 1841 in Limoges France. In his early years he was a apprentice to a porcelain painter.  This does not surprise me with the town he lived in and if you look at his paintings you can see where the soft layering of colors build up his imagines   If you know anything about china painting it is done in layers with firing in-between each color and glaze.

You can notice on this Limoges piece from the time of Renoir's youth how he learned the techniques of feathery strokes and layers of glazes to his works.

As he grew to adulthood Pierre and family moved near the Louvre in Paris. I can just imagine living during that time science and history was being discovered everywhere and museums' were being built for the things that were found from all over the world.

He did find a school to learn more about drawing and painting run by Louis -Denis-Caillouette a sculptor.

He struggled as a painter till the 1870's where he started a group called the impressionists. Even though his show with this group didn't work out well . Renoir went on to get a few commissions and was able to marry his girlfriend and have more children and buy a home.

 In his later years he struggled with arthris and had problems painting he tried sculpting with help from family and friends.   One of the best events of his life is when the Louvre bought one of his paintings in 1919..
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