Rare books and how profitable it can be.

If you like hunting for items you should try collecting rare books. The books are everywhere used book stores, yard sales ,estate sales. I would also check out good-will stores and salvation army stores . A lot of people just give what ever items older family members had to these stores just to clean out the homes they had lived in.

  Be on the look out for small printings of book usually you can find this on the first page check and see how many printings. Large printings are worth less. Of course first editions are a great collectable  doing some research on a book if you are making a private deal can save you lots of cash. Make sure you check out the publisher's identifying marks to make sure it is a real first edition.

Condition is very important no spine soiling, torn pages.   Conditions are very fine, very good , good poor/fair.  Rarity comes before age you can have a book from the 1800's and a book from the 50's that is hard to find .. Guess which one is worth more.  One of the most rare type of signed books to be found would be a signed book to the person who the book is written in honor of..

 To make this type of collecting easier for you to navigate  You should decide on whether you want to collect fiction or non-fiction.  Have fun and enjoy the hunt... Let me know what you find post on my blog your treasures.. please follow us on google plus and our blog. We welcome new friends.

 Have a great day, Nora


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