Pine cat Friday..

  Here I am as a bit-strip... Yes I must own up to the fact I have a Facebook account and I love bit strips.  I want to thank the good folks at Bit strip for lots of fun playing around with this application..

But I want to share the star of my stores pictures .. Pine cat 's real name is Benny..  He was adopted from a Humane society from the shore town of Ocean city New Jersey. They were not sure about his age 3 or 4 . He is now heading down the tracks to 16... He is still a crazy cat loves to open doors and get into what ever mischief he can for a little old man .
Yes Benny is quite the ham...his likes are tuna and tuna..... and did I mention tuna... breaking into doors, cabinets and tripping his humans.. 

 Grooming does not  go well for this fellow  I have heard more bad words in cat that I would care too when he is brushed.  Funny story went to a cat show and was talking to Persians cat owners about how they upkeep their cat's hair. More than one told me to keep it short...and  even shave ..

 I really don't think this is a good idea unless it is summer of course.  If you ever decide I must have this type of cat brush them when they are young so they get use to it. They must be brushed every day.

They are great cats and very loving and of course beautiful...

Have a great day folks and pine cat says check out my stores at pine cat 15 on

Have a great day folks..


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