Pine cat and the fish. Can you teach a old Cat new tricks?

 Well this blog post is a bit different today not about art or antiques but about a certain Persian cat we all know and love.. My husband who is recovering from surgery is bored and decided to set up a fish tank. Well those of you who have pets think dogs and cats are work. These little creatures have my
 cat beat by a mile.

 First getting a tank's water right you have to perform scientific experiments to get the right ph.  Then when you get the fish you have hold them in the plastic bag  and pray on the way home you do not shake them up to much or worse....

 Then you have to put the bags in the tank so they warm up to the temperature in the tank..  about 15 or 20 minutes.   Then when you go to bed you say a little prayer they do not pass away over nite after you just spent 25.00 on fish.

Then in comes this guy now Pine cat is a curious kitty and had to jump up on the loveseat 1,000 times to paw the tank's glass as he watches the fish swim around.  Now funny thing this cat in the 2 years I had the sofa and loveseat will not jump up on them but now he will..

 Wanted to get a frog for the tank but not a good idea he jumps out of the tank  two things could happen 1. he would become pine cat's three clock snack of frog legs or 2. I would slip on him coming into the room.  The frog stayed at the  PetSmart where he would be safe.

 So far friends the fish are safe and thriving but I know if I saw a big giant cat head staring at me through glass it would scare the crap out of me.  So at 16 pine cat has to learn not to jump on the  love seat and just look up at them from the floor.

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Have a great day friends Nora


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