How to spot a Currier and Ives print and information on artist Frances Flora Bond Palmer

 Like I promised some pointers to look for when buying Currier and Ives prints. 1. paper it should feel stronger then construction paper. 2. look for publisher names N.. Currier or Currier and Ives. 3. Look for a New York street address. 4. copyright 5. numbered print 6.  they are printed and than hand painted with water color.

Frances Flora Bond Palmer was from England and married Edmund Palmer in 1841 and had two children. To make ends meet they started a printing shop together Frances as the artist and Edmund as the printer. They had some success but not enough to support their family.

They went to new York in 1843 and meet up with currier and Ives.  Frances started working with them as a artist and even helped with the printing work.  She worked with them from 1849-1868.  Once Edmund passed away she stopped working with them . She would teach art to students in her home till her death in 1876 of Tuberculosis.

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