Flappers and the 20's

 The 20's was a time period I thought I would like to live in. Of course with the women getting the right to vote all kinds of things were happening. Women were enjoying freedom that they never thought could happen to them. Gone were the long dresses and corsets shorter skirts and wearing hats and even smoking was in. The sense of style was just amazing with designers like Coco Channel being one of the leaders of fashion at the time.

People were able to socialize with the classes and different types of people gone were the Victorian rules of know your place. In was listening to Jazz greats like Lois Armstrong.

 Flapper had a type of uniform of dress and actions that they went by1. Bobbed hair 2. chemise dresses ( they look good on everyone), 3. Dancing the Charleston 4.Flapper slang 5. Cloche Hat 4. Listening to Jazz 5. Mahjong Parties.

Of course their were lots of things happening in art during but we will talk  about that another time .

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