Flapper beaded and mesh Bags.

  The 20's had the best handbags if you like things made by hand beaded and meshed bags were done this way.  The bags were made small so you can carry make-up a compact and a few dollars and believe or not cigarettes


Their was quite a art to making these bags the mesh was hand woven unto a metal frame. The beaded purses were sew to a fabric base. They actually would sell the kits to do the beaded purses.

 Lot of examples to look at as you probably noticed all the bags have long thin straps and some are small boxes with handles. I bet your great grandmother might have one of these bags.. They held up pretty well but of course but should be stored separately and wrapped in tissue paper.  You  can buy copies of these type of bag for special events...  But if you have a original you might just want to have a professional put in a glass incased box so you can hang it on the wall like art.

 Because they really are works of art like the beaded dresses...  Happy Spring , Nora


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