Delft Pottery

How many of you have any Delft Pottery ? If you have any one in your family tree was from  the Netherlands it is a good bet they could own some of this type of pottery.  Delftware was made when types of tin glazed earth wear with a white glaze applied and decorated with metal oxides

Some of the best delft wear was made in between the dates of 1640-1740 . The pottery included all kinds  of pottery objects including tiles.

 You have probably heard of the blue and white tiles that were quite popular.

By the year 1750 Delft was considered artistically inferior and by the end of the 18th century
most of the pottery factories went out of business.

The only factory left that still makes the blue and white products is in Markun , Friesland. It is still very collectable even new pieces Look for the mark Delfts Blue.

 Hope you enjoyed this bit of history , Have a great day all Nora.


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