Currier and Ives prints

 Hi Friends,

 Thought I would do some research on more currier and Ives merchandise..  You probably have seen the prints in antique shows and flea markets and wondered should I buy that.

 Currier and Ives print making company had a long history being in business from 1834- 1907.  Lithographs were in black and white and hand-colored. They produced over 7,500 lithographs in the 72 years they were in business .

The following are a list of artists that worked there in  the 72 year history of the print shop, James E.Butter Swarth, Charles R. Parsons, George Imess,  Thomason ,

Popular artists were Arthur Fritz William Tait , Sporting scenes, Louis Maurer , Genre scenes, George H. Durrie , winter scenes.

 Frances Flora Bond Palmer was one of the first women who worked as a full time artist in the united states she specialized in picturesque panoramas of the U.S. landscape.

1907 the company was closed  because public demand diminished because of improvements in other forms of printing.

 Thanks for reading , coming soon what to look for with this type of lithograph .

  have a great day , Nora


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