Black glass buttons from victorian area.

Prince Albert passed away in 1861 and queen Victoria decided to wear black and actually started a fashion trend of black clothes and jewelry including black buttons for  clothes.  Buttons were even made out of fossilized coal made near Whidbey England.

 It actually was a whole trend in fashion and people in England also wore black to mourn along with their queen. In my research the Victorians had quite a lot of rules for women who have lost their husband.

 The Victorians had several manuals that told them how they  should mourn  they were called Queen and Chassell's .  Clothes and jewelry were very important especially if you were mourning the death of a husband.  Women had to wear black dresses of course when they mourning slightly less they changed the materials of their dresses to crape.  Then after more time passed they change color to grey and mauve  and white dresses were half mourning. This happened over a period of 2 years.

  • Victorian style mourning clothes
  • another style of mourning dress
  • queen Victoria
  •                                                              mourning bracelet

 Some more items that show Victorian mourning traditions form black jewelry to wreaths on family
I did want to mention the other mourning rules for men and children . Mourning your parents children have to show their sadness for one year but they do not have to wear black. They did have the practice of wearing white to funerals.  Men mourning only had to wear dark suits and accessories.

Mourning your parents was only one year , siblings 6 months, Aunts ,Uncles six weeks. First cousins only one month.

 Hope you enjoyed this article on Victorian practices and the collecting of black glass buttons.. 

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