Women in early baseball.

 Women were playing  right along with men in the early beginnings of baseball.  Edith Houghton was born in Philadelphia  P.A.  in 1912 . she spent her very early years as a mascot for the Philadelphia police team.

 She was a very small person and her nick-name was peanut. She was scouted by the Philadelphia bobbies in 1922.  Some of the baseball lovers can guess the team was named after the hairstyle. She was just 10 years old when she played  short-stop from1912-1913.  Edith went on to play for several teams including the waves during world war 2. She moved to Florida

and passed away in 2013 She lived to be over a 100 years old. Please check out my baseball shirts I have to offer at my Zazzle store. pine cat 15.   Have a great day folks.. Nora ,don't forget to follow me  on goggle + or follow my blog. catfish 15


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