What is a Grist mill ? and why does South jersey have so many?

 This is a favorite building of mine that is located in the historical town of Batsto New Jersey.  I have  photographed it and also painted it many times. Now what is a grist mill?  this type of building was usually built around farm communities where they would bring their grain in and it would be turned into  meal or flour.

 Now as payment the owner of the mill would get a % called a miller's toll.  Historical fun fact this type of mill goes way back to the town of Cabira  at Asia Minor before 71BC.

  The type of mill in Batsto is a water run . There is a small pond next to it of course back in the 1700's this was a river not a pond.. I forgot to mention that this town is where iron ore was made for the revolution .  Actually there was a small battle fought near -by in chest-nut neck where the British were trying to get to the village to destroy the furnace that made the iron ore.  They made it into cannon balls.

The battle of chest-nut neck  is mostly forgotten in the history books unless you really know local history you would not be taught this in schools. Funny thing some of the families in the area go all the way back and love to tell the tales of their ancestors .  This is the best type of history from people who lived it.  Living in the pines was hard and folks have a strong sense of community and helping each other. Many of the families still live in the homes that go all the way back to the beginning of our nation.

 I have included in my stores some of the grist mill photos and paintings for sale..


 Enjoy the warm weather everyone , Nora


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