The beautiful lake in the pines..

 Imagine yourself quietly paddling up a small stream and you come upon a quiet lake with ducks swimming and turtle on  rocks sunning themselves.. You have entered a world that many do not think would be in the state of  New Jersey. Most people think we are all turnpikes and  only know the way to the shore points.

 New Jersey has many towns buried deep in the pine lands, on sandy back roads that seem to go no where.  Local myths include a jersey devil born to a woman who cursed her 13 child, back when  the state and the country were forming.

 Lost history and towns are many states either selling point or curse .  The town of Harrisville was a very successful 19th century town even having a paper factory and many homes .

   The town was in great shape for about 50 years, Joseph Wharton bought the land  and the village was in good shape till about 1909 with the death of Mr. Wharton. In 1914 a forest fire destroyed the town and what is left is a few crumbling walls. The town is hidden today and fenced because people would come and take the bricks for  a keepsake.

 Locals have memories of picnics in the area  and even they will not tell people where the town is located.. Trust me it is hidden in plain site.

 They lake of course is a popular fishing and canoeing site deep in the pines .. I have some items in my pine cat 15 and Catfish 15 stores on  just type in my stores name and check out my stores lots of Harrisville lake and other historical places of new jersey on a lot of items..

  Have a great day friends , Nora


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