Roses and shabby chic

 Roses are the hardest flower to paint of all flowers especially in Tolle Painting . If you can perfect the strokes to make the rose look like a rose you have mastered the rose. Many painters realize the strokes are the same in decorative painting and traditional painting.  The word  Tolle is a French word and is used to describe work that was painted on tin. They were usually done on trays and tables and were even done on paper 'Mache products like boxes and gifts.

 Victorians loved to decorate their homes with such items because they were pretty and inexpensive. This period of time people really cared about decorating their homes and would even craft  with paper  cutting out scraps of paper to glue on boxes etc.

 Fat forward to the early 1990's and the shabby chic movement by Rachel Ashwell and her love of romance for the home . Funny thing her love of crystal and silver and roses is very much Victorian  even her color choices of tones of white , grey pink, green , turquoise link back to the Victorians.

 I have my own ideas for my  Zazzle stores where you can have the feel of romance that you like and the clean lines of a modern era...

 The snow is melting here in N.J. have a great Saturday friends, Nora


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