Pablo Picasso how he influences many artists including me.

 One of my favorite prints of Picasso ( I have a print in my bathroom) of this piece.  Pablo was born in October 25, 1881 and passed away in April 8, 1973. He had a long list of achievements including sculptor, print maker, ceramicist, stage designer poet and play right.

   He was influenced my Matisse who was a few years older than him.  Was surprised to find out that he also had a rose period I knew about the blue period of course . You can still find nice copies of prints I found one that was numbered and printed on canvas that has a value of 200.00.  I bought it for three dollars in a thrift store.  This print of course was not done by him personally but by a company that was licensed to print them on canvas.

 Just thought I would show you some of my Picasso inspired pictures and items for sale in my store.

 This print is also available in a print and IPhone 6 case check out Pine cat 15 to see it...

 Enjoy the day folks it is chilly today in New Jersey, Nora


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