Charles Read Mansion in Atison New Jersey

 Having relatives  that  lived near a lot of forgotten towns in south  jersey I remember the long drive  home from family gatherings and would pass this Mansion ,that was in such bad shape it looked haunted.  Even as a young child I always wondered about empty homes and who lived and died the there.

 This place with lots of volunteers and lovers of history has come along way. We do really need to thank the average folk who put their talent and skills to restore the past. Few years ago I toured the property and had a wonderful guide who had several books published on local history of the area .  Just want to mention local writers need our support too. It might surprise you that local authors  can give us such great insights to the places we basically take for granted..

Atsion was named for the atsiont Indians . The revolution saw the rise of iron furnaces in south jersey. In 1766 Charles Read  dammed the atsion river to run his iron  company. By 1824 his company was bankrupt.   He did build a summer home 1826  deep in the pines to get away from the Philadelphia  heat

 Some other photos of the buildings that are left.

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  Thanks for reading and have a great day.. enjoy the warmth if you are on the east coast , Nora


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