Amatol raceway in atlantic county New Jersey

 Deep in the pines during the roaring 20's a new type of car racing was very important to south Jersey. So popular in it's time the railways had a train station in the area, crowds were  over a hundred thousand.  Every week- end they would fill the stands to watch cars race on a wooden track. The track was oval shaped and quite steep.. A early racer by the name of S. Baker made the track a national name . In 1926 he was a very important figure in early racing  This type of racing only lasted 2 years of course it was not just dangerous because of the oval shape, but was always in danger of the track catching fire.
  A lot of my readers might wonder what does this have to do with art ? I grew-up around the ruins of the track all that was left was a round oval  circle in the woods with pines growing around it.. It was the 60's after all and even though history was important local history was never really looked at too closely till much later.

 I think my imagination grew there wondering about a place that was much bigger and had a lot more people around than the sleepy forgotten town it had become. It also was the site of a war 1  town called by the same name that was gone before the track was even built . I remember many bike rides in the woods where you would fine the  ruins of the town.  The only thing that was still in use was Burdick's garage that sold food they were still in business in the 60's  and the owner would love to tell stories of the track's glory days.

  The track was used till 1933 to test cars and than it was removed and the wood was sold.  More about this place at a later day friends, have a great night Nora


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