Hello everyone..

 This blog will be about my art and my stores on Zazzle why I started them and what my art is about..  I have been interested in art since I was a child. I started drawing when I was very young when I had a social studies assignment to draw a picture of a market scene  in south America.. W hen I took my picture to school my teacher didn't believe I did it she thought one of my parents did it.

 She actually made me draw the state seal of New Jersey for her and when it came out very good for my age she was shocked but I guess she knew I had talent.   Well creative kids always got stuck decorating the boards in the class rooms my art career began.

Funny thing with art you are always looking and checking out the details in life it follows you no matter what you do from college to working in retail and beyond decorating plates in a china factory.. 

 My art has been featured in local papers even on local tv.  I have sold my work through out the area of southern New Jersey and beyond.  Have been in shops shows and now on line.. Zazzle gives me the chance to explore new areas with  computer art ... I am starting off with simple graphic designs that would  look good on everyday items for home and family.

 The star of my stores are a Persian nicknamed Pine cat 15  and catfish 15 . He was adopted from a humane society down near the jersey shore.  His  real name is Benny and is much loved and spoiled owner of two humans.



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